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In 2004, Joniškis LAG was founded in Joniškis District Municipality for integrated solution of rural problems. Its establishment was based on the principle of horizontal and vertical partnership, covering the entire territory and population of rural residential area of Joniškis Municipality, bringing together representatives of governmental, business and non-governmental sectors for the purpose of implementing more rapid rural development. In the established management structure priority is given to rural inhabitants and it encourages “bottom up” initiative of rural inhabitants and gives them an opportunity to implement their ideas, which would contribute to rural development. The established management structure and capabilities of management staff enables successful achievement of objectives set for the LAG.

The proportions respected in constitution of the LAG, board comply with the requirements imposed on the partnership principles. Social-economic partners and associations make not less than 50 percent, whereas the businessmen and local authority representatives make up to 25 percent each; they ensure the principal requirement set for the LAG, namely the observance of partnership principle. The LAG meets all requirements imposed on sex balance and the field of engaging the youth into the LAG activity.

The territory of the LAG is continuous territorially economically and socially. The area of the considered territory covers 1 143.05 km² or 99,2 per cent of the area of Joniškis District Municipality, populated by 18 622 or 63,5 per cent of Joniškis District Municipality population (total 29 310 inhabitants) (Statistics Lithuania, 2010). Their interests may be represented by the LAG, since the number of the residents is in conformity with the requirements established for the number of the population of the LAG territory.

The LAG was established for the following purposes:

- to join efforts of the concerned local authorities, businesses, non-governmental and other institutions and organisations in search of most appropriate solutions for raising economic and social wellbeing of rural areas;

- to encourage and support local initiatives of rural inhabitants in such areas as business, environment protection, education, culture, social support and other;

- to prepare and implement the Rural Development Strategy;

- to submit suggestions to local and national institutions and organisations on creating and implementing rural development plans and measures.

The mission of the LAG is to combine interests of different social groups, work to make rural communities more active, encourage its members’ capabilities for more active participation in economic, social, environmental and cultural heritage maintenance and preservation activity, prepare and implement rural development plans.

You will find our contact information on the page "Kontaktai"

Here you can download: Local Development Strategy for 2008 - 2014

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